Thursday, March 13, 2008

37 week appointment

I made it to 37 weeks!! I am now only 3 1/4 cm dilated, but am now 90% effaced. We did schedule my induction for next Thursday, so one way or another they will be here by next Thursday!!

I also started spotting after the exam, which I know is normal, but I have never spotted before. I wonder if he stripped my membranes without telling me? It doesn't seem like something he'd do, but who knows. I did leave a message about the spotting, just to make sure that it's ok.

I really hope I go into labor on my own because I know a chance for a c-section is higher w/ induction. Then again, I'm also a little worried about how both of their heads are right next to each other. I hope they don't block each other from coming down! I know in the end I will have my babies, but I am scared of a c-section and I really don't want to have to deal with that recovery.

I can't believe I have a week (or less!) left!!


MichelleAnn said...

Congratulations! Your girls are considered "full term." They won't be referred to as preemies!! I am so excited that you finally have a date! I hope you do go on your own too! That way it can be even sooner! Your last weekend of just you and your husband for a long time (maybe!!).

Fertilized said...

HOlY COW .... coming soon very soon

Busted said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about your babies when they arrive!

asimplebride said...

im no my first clomid cycle...hope i get twins too!!