Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last night I started having contractions that woke me up, and wouldn't let me get back to sleep! They also hurt a little. I was waiting for them to get stronger and closer together - they were about 5-6 min. apart. Well, after two hours of being awake from them, I did dose off and they stopped. What a tease!

I think it would have been better if my doctor hadn't said he thought I'd go in a couple weeks. Now I'm just anxious. So, I'm going to let go. It will happen soon enough! Thursday I have my appointment and will schedule my induction, and then at least I'll have a date that I know they will come by!

I am getting super bored at home though. I also don't want to go shopping because then I spend money! I try calling a friend of mine, but of course she doesn't have time to talk to me. Sometimes I wonder why I stay her friend. She annoys me a LOT of the time.

Teachers in my district will start getting pink slips this week. I'm hoping I won't get one. I'm still not sure because I don't know how many years they will go up to. Plus, my years are confusing. My first year I worked as a long term sub, but I worked the entire year. They should have given me a temporary contract, but never did. So, my pay reflects 6 years, but my evaluation reflects 5 years. I'm also a part of a grant, so I don't know if they will take that into consideration as well. I'm hoping I don't get one because that would just be stressful right now.


Fertilized said...

you do not need any more stress - you just stay all semi-kosher and closed to a hospital ;)


Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front- try not to worry about it- I know easier said than done. But you don't need the extra stress right now. Just keep your eye on the big picture that is ahead of you right now- you are going to be a MOMMY!!!! I am keeping you in my thoughts- I know it is getting very boring- I am right there with you- I am running out of things to do here- and I understand what you mean- if I go out I will want to spend money and right now that is just not a good thing to do. Do you have a baby book yet? You could get that started- write letters to the girls about the days leading up to their births- start collecting newspaper articles and such- what important is going on this week- what the weather is like, what movie is big, important stuff in politics- that might keep you busy for a day or two or at least take your mind off of the waiting for a little while at least? Hang in there- take care- soon they will be here and the waiting will all be over. Sending you lots of love!

Brian, Melissa and Nathan said...

Think happy thoughts, not the crappy state our district is in! I heard they are going back to 2002, which is my first year...yikes! On a better note, I am looking forward to reading your birth story on NI! Can't wait to see pictures of your precious girls. You couldn't be in better hands, as far as your Dr. goes.