Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good news to report! I got a little more milk this morning from pumping! It wasn't much, but it is an increase!

I had a bad night last night. I think I forgot to write about other issues that are affecting me. I have been getting a fever every day in the afternoon/evening time. It sucks! I feel feverish, have chills when my temp goes up, and just feel awful. That, plus twins is really hard. I can't seem to function well when I have the temperature. I called the doc, but I'm not having any other symptoms. I'm also not having any symptoms of mastitis! He said to keep an eye on it. I was a little confused because it is concerning if you have temp of 100.5 for a while. Well, I've been taking meds which brings the fever down. So, is it that they are concerned about your temp if it is that high while on meds?

I had been taking some vicodin, which has acetometaphin in it, but last night I switched to straight tylenol. It didn't work so well! I felt awful all night. Wonderful hubby took an evening feeding, but of course I felt guilty that I didn't breastfeed or pump. I was getting worried about my temp last night because the tylenol wasn't bringing it down that much, and I felt like crap. But then, like every night, my fever magically disappears in the middle of the night. I took tylenol for the last time at 11 pm and when I woke for a feeding at 2:30, my temp was down and it has stayed down!! I think I am going to record exactly what time the temp shows up today. It is so weird and it is really freaking me out.

So, add that to the girls were getting fussy last night and not wanting to sleep - well really Maya was waking Sofia up! Me being paranoid about my temp, and not getting much sleep, and I was a wreck! It doesn't help that I have depression and anxiety anyway! So I think I might go to a post partum support group this week while I still have some help at home (mother in law arrives today). I don't really like groups. I'm not extroverted at all and I normally don't like sharing my problems with strangers, well except for here! :) I will probably also call my therapist. I want to avoid meds though. But if I need them, I will take them.

Thanks for all your comments! I went to Kelly Mom and there is a plan for reducing formula which seems really good. I'm going to print it out and see what the pediatrician says.


Donna said...

Just a few thoughts:

Any drugs you take, your babies get. Could that be making them more fussy?

I had an evening fever every evening for a couple of weeks after giving birth. Felt just like hot flashes and it was hormones changing. I would sweat so badly I would soak several tshirts each night.

I also, another time had mastitis and the only symptoms were feeling crummy and fever that comes and goes. I woud not rule it out. Call your lactation consultant and see.

Good luck. This newborn time is hard for almost everyone---really hard. It will get better and you will survive it. It is just part of the changing hormones, sleep deprivation, and overall stress of a huge life change. With twins you can expect it to be double the trial. It WILL get better. In a few weeks you will see how much better it is and in a few months you will be getting more sleep. Parenting is very, very hard work. You don't realize until you are there. One thing I know for sure, is that what is a problem this month will be gone and there will be something else in it's place, but for me, the first 2-3 months were very hard with my first. Gets easier with subsequent babies---probably the last thing on your mind right now, and that is totally normal. Hang in there. Everything you write says you will get through it, you are educated and can find help, and you will be fine. I cannot impress on you enough how you must trust your own instincts. Your body, your hormones, and your instincts will help you with so much of this.

If the depression and anxiety get worse, do NOT wait. You are under terrible stress right now and you don't need that.

Cyndi said...
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Mrs. Piggy said...

I wish I was ahead of you in this process so I could offer you some good advice.
I am starting to get more and more scared now for my impending delivery and raising of twins :)
I hope this fever thing goes away, sounds terrible. Everyone keeps telling me, first two months suck, you will hate it so much...but it gets better!