Monday, March 10, 2008

I don't think they want to come out!!

Yesterday I went for a walk, and also did shopping. Also, a friend of mine told me to eat eggplant parmigiana from a certain restaurant. She did this and went into labor, and a friend of hers also did this and went into labor a few hours later. Did that work for me? Nope!! Today, went for a walk, did shopping, had sex, and nothing. A few contractions, but nothing major.

It's getting very difficult to get around. My pubic bone is killing me and they are very heavy! I'm definitely ready for them!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there.

Remember when your doctor said they would be surprised if you lasted two weeks longer? Here you are still waiting.

You will end up with two very healthy girls and that is all that is really important.


Okay, maybe I was wrong a few days ago- Maya, Sophia-are you two going to be stubborn little girls?! You both have been so good, now is not the time to start playing games with Mom- that starts oh, never :) or at least not until you are 18- you two start behaving!!!!!

Heather- I am so sorry- spicy foods are another option that I have heard sometimes works- but beware the heartburn- who knows maybe you are going to end up with full term twins- it has happened before- wouldn't necessarily be a horrible thing- and think you could show that multiples teacher- look I didn't have to go the NICU or have a section :P I know you are getting more and more uncomfortable- try to hang in there- check with your doc- see if he will let you (since you have lost your plug- but it doesn't sound you are ruptured yet) sit in a warm tub- I know when we get women into triage sometimes the docs have them jacuzzi for an hour to see if it makes them change in dilation at all- but they have be intact to do that and have someone there with them- don't get in the tub by yourself or make the water too hot! Good Luck!!! Hang in there- Keeping you and the girls in my thoughts! Sending you love!

MichelleAnn said...

Thinking of you and hoping it won't be much longer!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are super uncomfortable but I wanted to say way to go on carrying them as long as you have. I am sure the excitement and anxiousness of wanting to meet your girls is overwhelming...been there before! Twins are amazing from the second they arrive. Enjoy every minute of this fun time!!! Congrats and best wishes to you. :D


Just checking in this morning to see how you are doing- to see if anything happened over night- to see how the little ones are behaving themselves ;) Keeping you in my thoughts- hang in there- you are getting so close- sending you so much love and happy thoughts- take it easy, keep walking, breathing, and thinking happy thoughts that you will soon be holding those two beautiful miracles in your arms!