Sunday, March 09, 2008

We had Chinese food last night. It's interesting because whenever I read my fortune, it is almost always NOT a fortune. It is always some saying or something. However, when I do get fortunes (which is VERY rare - this is probably my third), they eerily pertain to my life. And I mean without having to read too much into them. So last night I got a fortune. It said:

"You may have to be patient now- think, listen, and heed signs."

I thought that was pretty funny :) Although, by telling me to be patient, does that mean I'm going to have to wait longer?? Because I'm not very patient!

I did lose part of my mucous plug last night. No blood or anything in it, just looked like snot. Wasn't very much either. I'm hoping it's a good sign of more dilation!


Theresa said...

I always get the worst "fortunes" too. One said, "You will be hungry again in one hour." Another was the exact same fortune my husband got and it wasn't even very good either.

I hope your babies come soon and on their own just like you want!

Fertilized said...

Oooh good luck to you

Anonymous said...

Great fortune. I delivered my first child EXACTLY 24 hours after I lost my mucus plug. Of course, it was a c-sec, but it was a pretty big prediction. Thinking of you during this exciting time.