Friday, March 07, 2008

If you want to read my friend's blog, the one who I posted about yesterday, there is a link to it here. The name of it is "Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies"
I'm still so upset about this.

I'm going to write about my appointment today, although it feels weird for me to do that in light of everything that has happened.

It was a good appointment. Dr. O did not do an internal and I was surprised. He said I was probably only 3.5 cm or at the most 4 cm dilated anyway, so no need. He did a quick ultrasound and they are both still head down. What was funny was that both of their heads are right there, right next to each other. Usually one will be a little higher up, but not my girls! They are both fighting to come out first I think!

He was surprised I hadn't gone into labor yet, and he thinks I will soon - as do I. But we did talk about what we could do if nothing happens by my appointment next week. He told me that this would be up to me, but he could schedule me to break my water and that usually will induce labor. Then, if contractions don't start he could use pitocin. I was glad that he didn't jump to pitocin right away. He also said he was only suggesting this because my cervix is ready. If i was not dilated or anything he would just wait because there is a greater risk for a c-section that way. I just love him!

Originally I wanted it all to just happen naturally. But quite honestly, after what happened yesterday I just want my babies out and safe, so I think we will go ahead with the induction if we haven't gone naturally by next week. So, within the next 2 weeks, the girls will be here!

Answers to questions from Donna:
Some doctors don't like to go full term because they think twins do better if delivered by 38 weeks. I did some research, and there is nothing that says they do better or worse if they go over 38 weeks. This is also what my doctor told me today. He left it totally up to me, and wouldn't have even mentioned it if I wasn't dilated and effaced. Originally, I was just going to wait, but after what happened, I don't want to wait. But I have a feeling they will be here before I have to do that.

Yeah, I'm not sure about the heads!! I'm sure that one is a bit closer because they can feel 1 head when they do an internal, so they are not exactly in the same spot, but much closer than heads usually are! Plus, they are in their own sacks, so I'm sure that whichever is sack is right there will be the one coming out first.

Last time I had a growth scan was at 34 weeks, or right before 34 weeks. They were 4 lbs. 10 oz and 4 lbs. 9 oz I believe - if I'm remembering correctly! So hopefully they are over 5 lbs right now!


MichelleAnn said...

Oh my goodness! Next week!! Do you have someone to update your blog (if not I will just have to wait patiently!).

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I had a friend who had something similar happen 2 weeks ago(she hadn't been struggling from infertility though, but the baby was just over 40 weeks gestation). I saw her at the store a couple days ago and she showed me a picture of her beautiful daughter (who had been stillborn). She's been in my thoughts so much. I can't even imagine what she's going through.

Donna said...

Some questions for those of us who have never had multiples.

Why not go full term? 25 years ago my friend delivered twin boys who were 9 days overdue. They weighed 8.5 pounds EACH!! She did have to have a C-section. A year later she delivered a 13 pound son! Is there some reason to have them early?

OK, so this is going to sound ultimately stupid--but, if both heads are in the same place, what happens if both head try to come out at the very same time? Told you it was stupid, but I cannot get the picture out of my head!

How much do they think your babies weigh now?

Best wishes to you and I am so sorry about your friend.