Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mucous plug?

Well, I'm pretty sure a few days ago I lost at least part of my plug - it looked like snot, but there wasn't very much. Today I had the internal and was spotting. Now I've had some chunks of brownish/stringy stuff in the toilet. I'm trying to figure out if this is also part of the plug! Everything I read said it should look more like snot, but I can't tell since it is in the toilet, but it is all brownish.

I called Triage and they just said it was normal, of course. They also said it was probably because of the exam, but honestly, I've been having internals for how many months now?? And I've never even spotted with any of them until now.

Well, hopefully it is a good sign that I might go on my own! Come on girls!!


Donna said...

They used to call it "bloody show". My mother, an OB nurse for 30 years said some called it "muddy show" because it could be brown. Honey, this is the real deal. PLEASE arrange for someone to post on your blog when the event happens. I can hardly stand the anticipation!!

Fertilized said...

Oh Good idea Donna!! Can't wait